Lindstrom Precision Tools


Lindstrom Precision Tools is part of Snap-on Industrial Brands and the office in Throop, PA provides sales, marketing and customer service support to our distributors and end users. Lindstrom workshop and manufacturing facilities in Midland, GA service customers in North and South America and manufactures specially engineered tools for customers worldwide. Lindstrom manufacturer representatives call on customers throughout North America.


The Lindstrom Brand is owned by SNAEurope, the successor to Bahco AB, part of the Snap-on, Incorporated family. We share supply chain and logistics with Snap-on Industrial Brands at our warehouse in Midland, GA. All of these parts of the corporate system work together seamlessly to conceive and create tools and move product through manufacturing to distribution to the end user’s hand.


Investment Information

Snap-on, incorporated is a publicly traded company. For investment information please go here.



Lindstrom Precision Tools was founded in 1856 in Eskilstuna, Sweden making wire cutters invented by F. E. Lindstrom. For over 160 years Lindstrom has been the tool of choice for watchmakers, jewelry artists and anyone who cuts wire in high volume. As the electronics industry grew during the late 20th century our tools became the favorite of contract assembly and aerospace manufacturers. In the opening decades of the 21st century Lindstrom is gaining customers through the medical device industries as exotic wires and weaves are developed for new applications. We continue to develop new tools to meet these inaugural markets and service ancient arts like chainmaille and beading.


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