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Lindstrom is the oldest continuous manufacturer of handtools in existence and yet one of the most forward-looking Brands in the world. We developed the scientific approach to handtool design and created the first truly ergonomic pliers and cutters. Since 1980 we have created about 1500 unique tool designs, many of which are now standard types in the aerospace and electronics, jewelry arts, and medical device manufacturing industries.

Some competitors have been able to implement one facet or another of our manufacturing process. Others have copied the form, appearance and actual part numbers of Lindstrom tools. However, none has been able to successfully blend all the elements required to achieve the level of performance recognized as true Lindstrom Precision Tools.

Lindstrom is part of the Snap-on Industrial family of companies.



Lindstrom constantly works on improving quality and the manufacturing process. Of course, perfection is impossible but that is the goal we set for ourselves, and it is the standard our customers expect. Any customer who believes a Lindstrom Brand product is not performing to their expectations should contact us immediately. At any time customers are invited to send tools to us for a free evaluation.

We know it can be aggravating when things do not work as they are supposed to, so we try to make it as easy as possible to repair or replace tools when indicated. Our customers know good tools. And we rely on you to let us know when something goes awry so we can correct course immediately and keep striving for 100% success.

Thank you for choosing to be a Lindstrom customer. We appreciate you.


The expression “the right tool for the job” could not be more appropriate than in a discussion about handtools. Whether in the hands of a skilled professional or a new operator, the right tool can make the most difficult operation a simple task.

Lindstrom is your source for the right handtool for electronics assembly, medical device manufacturing, as well as for makers of bead and jewelry creations and those in need of special engineered tools.


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